TAXI Buddy

It is now compulsory for passengers in all taxis, Ubers and commercial vehicles to wear seat belts – substantial fines and loss of points apply.

It is no doubt that wearing a seatbelt increases your chance of survival and reduces your risk of injury by 75%* for rear seat occupants in a road crash. Taxi drivers must now also make their passengers safer by wearing a seatbelt. In a crash impacting on the driver’s side, an unrestrained driver can be thrown around the vehicle, injuring their front seat passenger. *Source: World Health Organisation

It is now compulsory for Taxi drivers to wear a seatbelt as well as their passengers.  If a passenger over the age of 16 is not wearing a seatbelt they will be fined and if a passenger under the age of 16 years is not wearing a seatbelt the Taxi driver will be fined. It is now the drivers’ responsibility to ensure every passenger is properly restrained. *Source: NSW Transport

Drivers are also responsible for ensuring any children who are not big enough or old enough to use a seatbelt are secured in an appropriate child car seat or booster seat.

The TAXI Buddy invention relates to a monitoring and alert system for detecting and alerting the driver when the latching mechanism is released on a rear seatbelt.

TAXI Buddy is an after market globally patented passenger seatbelt reminder and alert for TAXI’s. It will alert the cab driver, when a passenger unbuckles or is not restrained in the back seat. Once alerted the TAXI driver can take action to ensure the passenger is safely secured.

TAXI Buddy keeps passengers safely buckled up at all times, leaving the driver free to concentrate on the road ahead and no worries about incurring fines or loosing demerit points.