About Us

Lockliv International Pty Ltd was founded in 2011 to become a leading supplier of specialist products to the safety and security industry by offering solutions to increase the level of personal and commercial safety and security in the domestic and workplace environments.

Company Structure 

Lockliv® Corporation is a safety and security commercial enterprise that has developed and patented the technology for a range of wireless safety systems which can be customised to create a range of product solutions to improve safety and security, prevent accidents and save lives.

Lockliv Corporation

Refers to the Lockliv group of companies. This is not an incorporated entity; it is the overall Group Brand.

Lockliv Holdings Pty Ltd 

This is the Holding entity for Lockliv Corporation. Lockliv Holdings owns all the intellectual property (IP) such as patents and trademarks and group assets going forward. This entity is wholly owned by Lockliv International Pty Ltd. Lockliv Holdings as a fully accredited Australian Government R & D Tax Incentive business claims Government Research and Development tax incentives.


Lockliv Holdings Pty Ltd Board 

The Independent Board of Lockliv Corporation has strategically been assembled to capitalise on the combined experience of professional business people with proven success in their respective fields and importantly, with non-competing interests in different industry sectors and a background in strong corporate governance. See Board of Directors Member Profiles.

Wireless Alert Monitoring System Pty Ltd 

This entity is responsible to provide all marketing, people management (HR), finance, accounting and administrative services for Lockliv Corporation. Wireless Alert Monitoring System Pty Ltd engages external clients, all employees and contractors and manages the R&D claims and grants.

Wireless Alert Monitoring System Pty Ltd, under management agreement, charges the subsidiary SPVs and the entities in the group a management fee as required for the services and licence to I.P. it provides.